Voidu, a company established under the laws of United Arab Emirates in Dubai, is a company strictly adhering to the Directive (Eu) 2016/680 of The European Parliament and of The Council dated 27 April 2016[1] on the privacy of our users and recognize the importance of a secure environment for the information we collect. Henceforth, we see the importance in providing an on-line, open access set of rules and regulations for how and when we collect your personal data as well as how we process and utilize them. In this Privacy Policy we explain to you how we secure and safeguard the privacy of the data provided by you.

By using this website, you accept this Privacy Policy. Please note that Voidu Privacy Policy does not apply when you access other sites, mediums or programs via the web links located on Voidu internet sites, as we have no control over the activities of these other sites. Furthermore, this Privacy Policy may vary from time to time; please consult this document periodically so that you are aware of any changes. The date of the last update indicates the date of the most recent modifications. This webpage will always publish the latest version of this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy respects all applicable laws on privacy and data protection.

Collection of Data

By using any features of the Voidu’s online store, you accept and agree that Voidu collects and processes data that is usable for personal identification. Voidu collects only the information that is permitted by law. Voidu may request that you submit certain personal data, including your name, your telephone number, your address, your email address, your age and/or your date of birth. We do not require this information if you are just visiting our sites, but you may be unable to access certain areas of the sites or use certain features, such as the forums, without registering, or receive certain materials such as our information bulletins without providing a certain amount of personal data.

For users that do more than browsing, Voidu may request other data such as your valid credit card number and credit card expiration date. Voidu does not store this additional information unless requested by the user.

Voidu also processes anonymous data, aggregated or not, in order to analyze and produce statistics related to the habits, usage patterns, and demographics of users as a group or as individuals. Such anonymous data does not allow the identification of the users to which it relates. Voidu may share anonymous data, aggregated or not, with third parties.

Use of Personal Data

Voidu respects your right to privacy and only processes your information in accordance with the applicable data protection law in EU. Voidu uses your personal data internally to increase the quality of service, deliver and improve products which the users have signed up for and to maximize our customer satisfaction. Whereas Voidu may share your personal data to third parties under contract with Voidu such as order or payment processors or merchandise warehouse and fulfillment services, located in and outside the European Union, to access and use personally identifiable information, but only to the extent necessary to provide those services.

Additionally, Voidu may use your personal data to generate internal statistics for marketing, consumer profiles or demographic research, etc. to tailor our products and services to satisfy your requirements. Our aim is to better understand and serve our clients.

With Whom Your Information is Shared

Voidu will not share any personally identifiable information with third parties for marketing purposes without your consent. However Voidu may channel this data to third party vendors as a response to a product order or to add you to a commercial bulletin circulation list. Nevertheless, we will not share this information if we, in good faith, believe that such action is justified.

Certain parts of the information Voidu collects will be shared with other users of Voidu for profile displaying purposes. The information that will be displayed in your profile will be your choice.

External websites and companies may reach your personally identifiable information via links to and from Voidu platform. These websites and companies reach beyond the extend of this Privacy Policy and cannot be applied to those websites and companies. Please refer directly to the privacy policy of the relevant websites and companies.

Voidu may release personally identifiable information to comply with court orders or laws that require us to disclose such information. In the event of a reorganization, sale or merger we may transfer personally identifiable information to the relevant third party with the user’s consent if required by law.

Information our partners gather

We use the following partners to improve your experience on our website. They use cookies and other technologies to make sure the correct advertisements are shown to you to match your interests.

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Your Rights

Voidu gives the users the right to observe the way in which the personal information is used by Voidu. Voidu may send you promotional e-mails, newsletters, information bullets etc. which contain an internal mechanism to unsubscribe from these.

You have the absolute right to contact us and request to change the way your personal information is used. However, if you wish to remove the minimum personal detail required by Voidu, please note that Voidu may re-request the missing information from you in order to proceed with your interactions on the platform.

The Level of Security

Voidu gives highest importance to the personally identifiable information as well as its integrity and safekeeping. Thus, we make sure that the data provided by you is unaltered and kept safely in our high security databases in which access to any information is strictly monitored. Furthermore, we will do our utmost to ensure that the third parties to whom we may forward this information provide sufficient guaranties of security with regard to this personal information.

Children Data Protection

Voidu commits to never knowingly processing data provided by minors aged 12 years or under.


Adolescents aged 13-17 years should ask their parents to read our Privacy Policy and to contact us if they would like any information on our guarantee of confidentiality or to comment on the content.


Minors under 18 years of age should not order or subscribe to any paid service on-line without the permission of their parents or guardians. We would ask parents and guardians to be particularly vigilant and to ensure that their minors do not transgress when using our sites or on-line services.


Visiting the Voidu Internet sites and using our on-line services indicates your acceptance of Voidu Privacy Policy. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy, please do not visit our Internet sites or use our on-line services.