5 great games Middle-Earth: Shadow of War induces you to play again

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and these 5 games remind us why open-world role-playing games are still one of the most popular genres in video gaming.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Top Graphic

Magic-wielding orcs and lore-bending spiders aside, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is easily one of the best games of Fall 2017. It’s been three years since the Shadow of Mordor redefined how a Middle-Earth-inspired action RPG game should be designed, and Shadow of War release date couldn’t come any sooner. 

At last, we have the full release with bone-crushing combat, gorgeous visuals, and of course, the absorbing Nemesis System. After finishing the Middle Earth Shadow of War, we’ve noticed that this experience made us yearn for other epic adventures.

It’s because the game has one or more common elements with some first-class titles such as The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, and of course, Shadow of Mordor (in a right way).

These similarities also allow us to define what we love about our Shadow of War experience. Here is the shortlist of games that Middle Earth Shadow of War will remind you from time to time:

Dark Souls

Two minutes into the game, we see the Monolith’s take on Shelob: A terrifying giant spider that turns into a hot babe in seconds. There is only one other unforgettable enemy in video games who stimulates arachnophobia and nasty thoughts. And that is Chaos Witch Quelaag from Dark Souls.

The Witcher 3

Talion’s hair might not be as bright as Geralt’s, but that’s due to Middle-Earth lacking a good shampoo reserve. They both have two weapons behind their back. They live in a world where everything goes from bad to worse. If the drama in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War hasn’t satisfied your inner melancholic, you can always try your luck in Skellige.

Batman Arkham Asylum

Just like Nemesis system is borrowed (and improved upon) Shadow of Mordor, the counter-based combat mechanism is also a legacy from the epic 2009 adventure of the Caped Crusader. After finishing your business in Middle-Earth, you’ll want to pay another visit to the most dangerous asylum in Gotham.

Assassin's Creed

Stealth-based tactics, 1vs10 fights, scaling towers barehanded and then jumping from impossible heights without even hurting your pinky? Talion also wears a cloak to keep up with real assassin Ranger fashion.

Shadow of Mordor

Everything was simpler when there was only one Ring of Power. The first journey of Talion and Celebrimdor is a gripping adventure that still holds its charm. Shadow of Mordor is the game that introduced us the Nemesis System where orc warlords are not just ruthless villains. They continue to amuse us in Shadow of War as relatable characters with unique personality.

Of course, pros of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War don’t stop there. There are many features and improvements that make this game a no-brainer for any action-RPG fan –whether you like LOTR lore or not. You can also get a big discount from Voidu if you buy Shadow of War right now!

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