5 things to do in your first 5 hours of GTA 5

GTA 5 provides so much content that could intimidate new players. If you are hesitating about what to do next, you can start by trying one of these!

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Even if you ignore the main storyline or GTA 5 Online completely, the latest game in Grand Theft Auto series is overflowing with content. That's why it's so daunting for first-timers to shake the "damn, I'm missing something cool right now" feeling.

 Fret not! Your loyal friends here at Voidu compiled a list of things to do in the first couple of hours in GTA 5 for newcomers and veterans alike.

 Complete a Triathlon with Michael

There are no puns here: Triathlons are available after Michael solves his family issues (temporarily, of course) and consist of swimming, bike-riding, and running stages. While each of the three characters can compete in a triathlon, Michael is the one that needs to blow off some steam after that gut-wrenching mission. 

Take a selfie with your iFruit 9iX

The mobile phone was one of the core mechanics of the Grand Theft Auto series since the first game. In the beginning, its only function was to receive missions. As the technology evolved, phones became more and more useful. Enter GTA 5: You have a shiny new iFruit 9iX. Obviously pun aside, it has tons of features you can use throughout the game. With the fantastic environments of the game, taking selfies will be the one you use most.

 Try some GTA 5 cheats

Let’s face it; no Grand Theft Auto gaming experience is complete without some cheats and GTA 5 is no exception. Whether it’s a lower wanted level or parachute depending on the situation, you can enter the codes via the console window of the game and activate GTA 5 cheats to your heart’s content. Just don’t push your luck in GTA 5 Online.

Parachute Jump with Franklin

If you are a completionist, parachute jumps are not just entertainment you do between your missions: They're also a series of challenges available to all three playable characters and should be completed to achieve a hundred percent completion in GTA 5. You can also encounter these adrenaline jumps in GTA Online.

Play a solo session in GTA 5 Online mode

You don't have to be a “people person” to enjoy GTA 5 Online, the multiplayer portion of the game. Based on the same map, Grand Theft Auto Online offers many solo missions to immerse yourself in the game world without bothering yourself with other players.

 These are the things shouldn’t miss in your first playthrough. But they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Los Santos is home to many different challenges which will enable hundreds of hours of playtime. Voidu now has a friendly discount on GTA 5 PC version, making your migration to the crime-filled city so much more comfortable.

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