6 reasons to get excited for Assassins Creed: Origins

Assassins Creed: Origins is an action-adventure game from Ubisoft Montreal. It offers a refreshment for one of the best gaming series ever made.

At last, Assassins Creed: Origins release date has finally arrived! We are looking at the legendary era of Ancient Egypt, the main character named Bayek who serves to Cleopatra, a vast game world with rich content, and a combat system with much-awaited changes. If you can’t be sure if Ubisoft has done it right this time, check out our reasons to go nuts for the latest (and hopefully the best) in the series:

Assassins Creed: Origins release cycle

It's been two years since the last game in the main series, Assassins Creed: Syndicate released. This two-year hiatus was much needed as the series had shown signs of tiring. Ubisoft Montreal, the studio which has previously worked on the fan-favorite ACIV: Black Flag, had more than two years to create a unique experience for the series fans. We can't wait to see the results!

It's an untold history!

Previous Assassins Creed games were set in closer time periods, where written and visual resources are enough to form an accurate recreation of the respective era. But now, it's 49 BCE where Cleopatra is eyeing the throne, while Julius Caesar is eyeing her. Since history books are not enough as a reference, the developers worked closely with various experts to create a faithful adaptation of Ancient Egypt. So, this time we'll see fewer history books, more creativity of the art team.

No more instant kills for the hidden blade

Being an assassin meant a hidden blade to the neck is the clean and single-hit way to finish off the primary target silently. This time, however, it's not. Don't be fooled by the latest Assassins Creed Origins trailer: While it still deals tons of damage, and kills small fries, it won't kill higher-level opponents, e.g., outpost commanders. You need to use more creative ways to claim their lives. Thankfully, the game offers a wide range of different tools like poison arrows to finish the job for you.

Customize Bayek as you wish

With the Assassins Creed: Origins release, we are introduced to a level-based progression system. Bayek also has a varied skill tree and the ability to craft or upgrade his gear. That means the leveling and crafting system is now a lot more like an action RPG. With the map offers an enormous game world, be sure to check on everything to gather up whatever you need. The three-branched skill tree allows players to shape the main character’s abilities to fit their playstyle.

Prepare to dodge!

Assassins Creed Origins completely overhauls the counter-based combat system. Fights are now more dynamic than ever. You will probably not survive in a 1v10 room anymore. Looking at the trailer, we can see dodge-heavy, shielded combat mechanics. And these features always resonate with only one other successful series: Dark Souls.

Who needs the Eagle Vision when you have a real eagle!

One of the most ambitious features of Assassins Creed: Origins is your new pal, an eagle named Senu. Bayek can summon and control her to check out the surroundings in a bird’s eye view.  This feature alone enriches the game with a more tactical approach. You can scout the area, mark out enemies, plan your moves, and the get into the action without fear of any blind spots.

We count six, but there are many more reasons to hop into the Animus and dive into a fantastic adventure. Even better, Voidu now has a big discount on Assassins Creed Origins PC keys. Grab one and set off for an unforgettable experience!

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