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Bioshock Remastered

BioShock Remastered (MAC) WindowsMac OSSteam

BioShock is a shooter unlike any you've ever played, loaded with weapons and tactics never seen. You'll have a complete arsenal at your disposal from simple revolvers to grenade launchers and chemical throwers, but you'll also be forced to genetically modify your DNA to create an even more deadly weapon: you.
Category: FPS | Age Limit: 18+ | Publisher: Feral Interactive | Developer: Feral Interactive | Release Date: 22/08/2017
Game Description

NOTICE: Activation key must be used on a valid Steam account. Requires an internet connection.

ABout the Game: 

Welcome to Rapture.

Rapture… a city where opportunity awaits those brave enough to grasp it. A city where the artist need not fear the censor. Where the scientist is not bound by petty morality. Where the great are not held back by the weak.

Set in an alternative 1960, BioShock places you in an individualistic utopia gone badly wrong. With a provocative and intelligent storyline, this is a game that is at once beautiful, thrilling, frightening and always involving.

BioShock has been given a spectacular visual boost, reskinned, retextured and remastered for modern screens.

Explore a sophisticated story that contains profound ideas about science, politics, human nature, and morality.

Be immersed in a decaying underwater city brought to life by spectacular art direction.

Rewrite genetic code to acquire terrifyingly destructive powers.

Confront the terrifying, armoured Big Daddies, and face off against Splicers, the unhinged citizens of Rapture.

Recommended Requirements

OS: macOS 10.12.6 RAM: 16 GB Accessories: Game Pad

Minimum Requirements

OS: macOS 10.12.5 Processor: Intel Core i5 (Mac) 2.40 GHz RAM: 8 GB HDD: 27 GB Graphics: 2 GB AMD R9 290M, 2 GB Nvidia 680mx, 1.50 GB Intel Iris Pro 5200

Other Requirements

The game is supported on the following Macs. To check your Mac model and when it was released, select About This Mac from the Apple menu on your menu bar. - All 21.5” iMacs since late 2013 (1GB NVIDIA GT 750M Models are not officially supported) - All 27” iMacs since late 2013 (1GB NVIDIA GT 755M Models are not officially supported) (1) - All 13” MacBook Pros since late 2016 - All 15” MacBook Pros since late 2013 - All Mac Pros since late 2013 (1) Late 2012 models with Nvidia 680MX graphics cards are also supported. The following Macs are capable of running the game but do not consistently meet the standards required for official support. - All 21.5" iMacs since early 2013 - All 27” iMacs since late 2012 with a 1GB graphics card - All Mac Minis since late 2012 - All 13” MacBook Pros since mid 2012 - All 15” MacBook Pros since mid 2012 with a 1GB graphics card - All MacBook Airs since mid 2012 - All MacBooks since early 2015 - All Mac Pros since 2009 with an AMD 7950 (Mac Edition) graphics card

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