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Company of Heroes 2 : Ardennes Assault (Linux)

Company of Heroes 2 : Ardennes Assault (Linux) LinuxSteam

Ardennes Assault offers a compelling standalone single-player campaign starring the American Armed Forces. Engage in a dynamic non-linear campaign and bear the consequences of your actions as overall company health persists between missions. USF multiplayer army not included.
Category: Strategy | Age Limit: 18+ | Publisher: Feral Interactive | Developer: Feral Interactive | Release Date: 24/03/2016
Game Description

NOTICE:  Requires a valid steam account for Activation and installation

About the Game: 
Command the US Forces in the Battle of the Bulge.

Lead the US army against an unpredictable and desperate German war machine in a fast-paced single-player campaign focused on the mountainous Ardennes region of Belgium.


- Maneuver the American army across 18 dynamic scenarios in Ardennes Assault, a single-player standalone expansion for WWII real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 2.

- Fight on one of WWII’s key battlegrounds at the heart of a historic clash described by Churchill as “undoubtedly the greatest American battle of the War”.

- Devise your own strategy for defeating the ferocious German forces by taking on missions in any order you choose.

- Shape the outcome of each mission with one of three Companies: the versatile Airborne unit, the unrelenting Mechanized Infantry or the heavy-hitting Support unit, each with its own abilities and upgrades.

Recommended Requirements

Processor:2.4Ghz OS: OS X 10.11.2 or higher RAM:8.0GB Free Space:45.0GB Graphics:2.0GB Accessories:Multi-Button Mouse

Minimum Requirements

Processor:1.8Ghz OS: OS X 10.10.3 RAM:4.0GB Free Space:45.0GB Graphics:512MB Accessories:Keyboard

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