Five reasons we're in love with The Escapists 2

The Escapists 2 release from Team17 brings new features to an already noteworthy game. With local co-op support, you can devise a prison break with your friends!

The Escapists 2 release brings back our favorite prison break simulator, and it's a bless even if you play it right after the original. Right after The Escapists 2 download, we fell in love with every pixel of the game. Here's why:

The Escapists 2 release offers drop-in/drop-out co-op play

Team17 is returning to its roots in The Escapists 2 with split screen co-op and versus modes that supports up to four players. Online co-op is also available in the game. That means you can drop-in anytime to the session of your prison buddy!

New and unique prisons

The game features ten unique themed prisons with an upgraded multi-level design. But don't worry, prisoners also got their boost via a new crafting system and numerous new items. This way, you can break out any way you want.

Fight the right way

Sure, the combat system in the first game wasn't a bad one. But still, a lock-in on targets is a must in a post-Dark Souls gaming world. It comes with The Escapists 2 download: You can now lock onto targets, block, and combine light and heavy attacks to your heart's content.

Deeper character customization

The Escapists 2 release offers completely customizable avatars with an option to play as either a male or a female inmate. You can pick from over 300 customization option such as ponytails, shaved heads, and more.

The new Air Force Con map

If you ever watched the 1997 action thriller Con Air, you know what to do in a map that is a prison airplane. You're only allowed to stay in your cell. You have four possible ways to escape, divided equally between single player and multiplayer sessions. Welcome aboard, Cameron Poe!

Grab your key and start The Escapists 2 download

Since it doesn’t have hefty graphics, The Escapists 2 download is a quick one. You can get your copy of The Escapists 2 release from your trusted platform, Voidu, with a friendly discount. Don’t forget your friends, too. The Escapists 2 truly shines when played with a friend, locally. Download Escapists 2 and start your own season of the prison break!

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