The essential guide for trading Rocket League in-game items

Trading Rocket League in-game items is one of the main charms of the game. This guide explains how to use in-game menu and how to find new items.

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Since Rocket League offers a myriad of different car customization options, in-game trading items have quickly become a large market with its own language. Rocket League Prices is like a stock exchange for players now. This exchange culture is why Rocket League Steam forums are filled with topics like this:

[H] Apex [W] Hustle Brows

If you did not catch up with the "RL lingo" the example above means "I have Apex, and I want Hustle Brows."

How do you trade in Rocket League?

Rocket League has a pretty straightforward trading system with four main steps:

Press Invite Friends at the bottom left of the main screen.

Enter the name of your friend.

Once accepted, click on your friend's name and select Invite to Trade.

A window will open with a list of items you can offer as soon as your friend accepts your request.

How to find new friend for Trading Rocket League items

The Rocket League game interface enables a fast and easy experience for trading in-game items between players. Finding what you look for is the real challenge.

If you do not have a notable friend list who enjoys hitting giant balls with crazy cars, then Rocket League Steam forums are your best shot at finding your skeptical looking Hustle Brows.

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How to not get banned in Rocket League Steam forums

As Uncle Ben once said: "with a great community, comes great responsibility". It is easy to get banned from Rocket League Trading marketplace if you start a topic titled "[H] Heatwave [W] $2". To avoid such cases, you need to follow two simple rules:

The first rule of Rocket League battle club is…

You cannot trade anything from Rocket League with real money. This kind of exchange is not just incompatible with trading rules; it also violates Terms of Service, which is illegal. The same goes for PayPal and Steam Wallet.

The second rule of Rocket League battle club is…

You can trade any items as long as both are within the in-game trading system. The same goes for two Steam marketplace items. However, you cannot mix-and-match any of two items traded in different ways.

That means you can open a topic for buying an in-game item like Heatwave with some Keys, but you can't purchase the same with Steam Trading Cards. DLCs also count as Steam marketplace items, that means you can't trade Hot Wheels DLC even if you find a Saffron Asterias wheel.

Now that you know the basic mechanics and rules of Rocket League trading system, you're ready to step on the juice. Luckily, Voidu has a generous discount on standard Rocket League price. Do yourself a favor and start building a Battle Car that will crush your enemies with style.

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