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World of tanks

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World of Tanks PC Windows

Missing out on adrenaline-pumping action? Then you need to check out World of Tanks PC.
Category: Simulation | Age Limit: 0+ | Publisher: Wargaming
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About the Game

Missing out on adrenaline-pumping action? Then you need to check out World of Tanks PC. Enjoyed by over 160 million gamers, this free-to-play MMO puts you in charge of famous war machines of the 20th century. Over 550 unique vehicles are waiting for their commander.

Choose from swift light tanks, all-rounder medium tanks, powerful heavy tanks, long-range tank destroyers, and tactical artillery vehicles and hit the battlefield to crush opposition in PvP

The combination of first-person shooter, action-RPG, simulator, and strategy genres creates a dynamic and rich experience. An intuitive control scheme makes the game engaging and universally accessible from the very first moment you begin, while short play sessions add replay value to the experience. Each vehicle is modeled with respect to its real-life specs.

Each encounter is designed to teach and encourage you to take advantage of game features in different ways.

Duke it out with real opponents in 15-vs-15 Random Battles, join forces with friends in Platoons, or prove your worth in massive 30-vs-30 Grand Battles. Hungry for a more strategic experience?

Then create a Clan and fight for control on the Global Map. A universe of unique vehicles is ready to be unlocked, upgraded, and mastered.

Join a truly free online game that is accessible to anyone—novice or pro, enthusiast or eSports hopeful.

Roll out with over 160 million players who share your passion, and interact with a global community of diverse players.

Join now for hours of fun!

European Server: https://worldoftanks.eu 

American Server: https://worldoftanks.com

Asian Server: https://worldoftanks.asia

CIS Server: https://worldoftanks.ru