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World of Warships

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World of Warships WindowsMac OSLinux

Become a commander of your very own warship and conquer the seas in a hugely popular massively multiplayer online action game.
Category: Simulation | Age Limit: 0+ | Publisher: Wargaming
Game Description

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About the Game 

Become a commander of your very own warship and conquer the seas in a hugely popular massively multiplayer online action game. Amass a great naval fleet of 200+ meticulously recreated vessels from the first half of the 20th Century, including the most iconic warships of both World Wars. Engage in large-scale battles on massive maps with dynamic, gameplay-impacting weather. Take the help of American, British, Japanese, German, French, Russian/Soviet, Italian, Polish, Commonwealth, or Pan-Asian banner on ships from four classes that each offer unique styles of play while you level up important tech modules and rule the waves.

Main game modes

  • Co-Op Battles: 8 vs 8 battles fought against computer-controlled ships.

  • Random Battles: 12 vs 12 PvP battles.

  • Scenarios: special PvE team missions for 7 players, with primary and secondary objectives.

  • Ranked Battles: seasonal 12 vs 12 battles with skill-based matchmaking, where teams are composed by player Ranks, which increases on victory.

  • Clan Battles: 12 vs 12 battles on Tier X warships available to Clan members.


  • Destroyers: these small ships use their speed and stealth to launch daring attacks, set ambushes, and hunt battleships and aircraft carriers using highly destructive torpedoes.

  • Cruisers: versatile vessels with multiple tactical roles, among which are sinking destroyers and being the team’s shield against enemy aircraft.

  • Battleships: huge ships with the strongest armor and the mightiest guns able to obliterate an enemy with a couple of well-aimed salvos.

  • Aircraft Carriers: vessels with unique gameplay based on indirect action. Squadrons of deck-based aircraft (Dive Bombers, Torpedo Bombers, Scouts, and Fighters) provide reconnaissance and deliver devastating air strikes.

Beginner tips

  • World of Warships is as deep as the ocean itself, but don’t be afraid to dive in: tons of ships, upgrades, and tactics make every battle a unique and rewarding experience.

  • Learn the game while progressing from Tier I to Tier X ships, unlocking the more powerful vessels and new classes with experience points earned in battles, and mastering the tricks like well-timed torpedo launches and aircraft attacks.

  • Take your time to try every class; gameplay is unique for each ship and varies for every single vessel of the same class.

  • Every naval power represented in the game has its own flavor: US ships are well-rounded, Japanese have outstanding firepower and speed, and so on. Find out which country’s ships suit you best.

  • Artillery shells and torpedoes travel great distances before hitting (or missing) their target; take this into account and shoot/launch with a lead.

  • Smart maneuvering may save you from lots of trouble caused by explosions and fires.

  • You may score a really nice hit by damaging the citadel (the most heavily armored part of a battleship or a cruiser); to do so, use armor-piercing rounds, be precise and cross your fingers.

  • Make sure to use the class abilities of your ship: restore a portion of a battleship’s hit points, or help your allies by setting smoke screens that block the enemy’s sight on a destroyer.


  • World of Warships has a thriving community that has generated a great number of knowledge resources, as well as text and video guides touching upon every aspect of the game. Feel free to peruse these along with the official guides to further your naval career.

  • A sea is a place for team spirit. Work together with other team members in battle, form Divisions, and Clans, and bring your real life buddies into the game: dominate the seas together!