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The Mark

The Mark Windows

Stop the terrorists' madness!
Categorie: Avontuur | Leeftijdslimiet: 16+ | Uitgever: THQ Nordic | Datum van publicatie: 20-2-2007
Spel Beschrijving

Fanatic terrorists are planning the ultimate strike: from the son of a Russian millionaire, they have obtained a nuclear warhead – and from Iraq, a carrier rocket. Their target: London, England! Two specialists have been called to stop the madness. For Steve Fletcher, a U.S. Marines elite officer, it is also a personal vendetta – the terrorists have kidnapped his sister. For mercenary Austin Hawke, it is the assignment of his life. And both will fight for the lives of the innocent…

- 2 single-player campaigns, each with 18 levels in 6 different chapters, with 15 different weapons

- Confront terrorists with your choice of two combat specialists: U.S. Marine Corps offi cer Steve Fletcher and mercenary Austin Hawke

- Co-operative multiplayer: ally with players from all over the world and defeat the terrorist threat!

- Challenge others in various multiplayer modes like Death Match and Map Control

- Create your own challenging multiplayer maps with the powerful level editor!

System requirements :

OS : Windows XP
CPU : Pentium 4 1.8 GHz
RAM : 512 MB
GPU : 128 MB
DirectX : 9.0c