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Solar Shifter EX - Soundtrack.

Solar Shifter EX - Soundtrack

The Solar Shifter EX Soundtrack includes the following 21 songs:


01. Main Menu
02. Arrival
03. Ardath Encounter
04. Desperate Fight
05. The Hangar
06. Back in Action
07. Crush Them All
08. Ardath Countdown
09. The Shadow Hub
10. Astra Corps
11. The Shev'lak Clan
12. En Route
13. Astra Complex
14. Astra Chase
15. Cloud City
16. Cold Space
17. Skyscrapers
18. Above The Clouds
19. Alien Threat
20. Showdown
21. Final Run

Shortly after mankind left the solar system to colonize new worlds, we had to face a powerful alien race. The war has passed, the losses were devastating and the enemy has defeated us. As the final strike, they are about to destroy the sun that gives life to the system that we now call home.
Chaos erupted, and pirate raiders are scavenging fellow human colonies on the outer rim. Their only goal is to collect enough resources to be able to leave the solar system.

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    Solar Shifter EX - Soundtrack

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