Stellaris: Nemesis Release Date Revealed, New DLC Lets Players be the Crisis

The long-expected DLC Stellaris: Nemesis' was finally released on 15 April 2021. Paradox gave many details as to what to expect from the expansion pack. It seems that with this DLC, the game will have a new ship set and more complex campaign with many new tools and options on how to expand your authority over the star system. As Paradox revealed, the game will feature three new options to build and improve your galactic empire. You can now become the Crisis and choose to be the end of the galaxy by releasing your power over other civilizations, turn into a galactic custodian to bring back law and order to the struggling galaxy by giving them enough power to fight back Crisis, or sneakily take over your enemies by learning their foulest secrets using your supremacy and throw them off the galactic scene by your abilities of espionage.

Also, the new DLC adds a few new operations. As the campaign moves forward and your empire gets more threatening, you will have access to Sabotage Starbase, Acquire Assets, or Steal Tech options or conduct smear campaigns to set your enemies against each other.

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