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Bridge! 2

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Bridge! 2 WindowsSteam

Toxtronyx have now realised their game “Bridge! 2” on the powerful Unity engine. Very realistic visuals and lots of new features as well as the possibility to create one’s own levels helped create a completely new game.
Category: Simulation | Age Limit: 0+ | Publisher: Aerosoft GmbH | Release Date: 21/04/2016
Game Description

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Toxtronyx has now realized their game “Bridge! 2” on the powerful Unity engine. Very realistic visuals and lots of new features, as well as the possibility to create one's own levels, helped create a completely new game.

More than 50 diverse missions with increasing levels of difficulty are waiting for the virtual builder. The player can make use of the 20 original and authentically designed construction parts. As both a constructer and a structural engineer he gets to decide which of the three specifications of those construction parts he is going to use. Particular highlights are the special features such as reinforced concrete and counterweights. By using these elements you can build never before seen constructions such as balance beam bascule bridges, folding bridges and reinforced concrete bridges. The player can not only develop new bridges but also repair or complete previously initiated projects.

It is an exciting challenge constructing bridges with the given limited budget and to prove its static load-bearing capacity during different realistic endurance tests. In Bridge! 2 the developers win you over with a completely new, very realistic physics engine.

By advancing in the game you can unlock up to six different scenarios and gain access to all construction parts. The extensive, integrated editor enables the player to use these tools in his own missions. Players can publish their missions on the internet, thereby ensuring a steady flow of new tasks.

The soundtrack in Bridge! 2 comes from the well-known game composer Sven Gerlach who joined forces with the developer team. Thanks to his catchy melodies, Bridge! 2 is now a real treat for your ears as well.


50 different missions, 8 tutorials

4 difficulty levels

6 diverse scenarios

19 different construction parts with up to three specifications

True-to-original construction part designs

8 life-like endurance tests with realistic physics

Missions editor: Scenario, construction parts (depend on mission progress), budget and description editable; identical to developer’s editor

Exchange of missions on the internet

Soundtrack that’s worth listening to


Operating System: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10; Mac OS X; SteamOS; Debian Linux
Processor (CPU): Intel Core i5 2500 or similar
Memory (RAM): 4GB
Graphics card: min. Intel HD Graphics 4400
Free hard disk space: 1.5 GB