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Rescue HQ - The Tycoon

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Rescue HQ - The Tycoon WindowsSteam

Build up your headquarter from the foundation to a complex emergency centre! The safety of the citizens in your city is in your hands – are you up to the challenge?
Category: Simulation | Age Limit: 3+ | Publisher: Aerosoft GmbH | Release Date: 28/05/2019
Game Description

NOTICE: Activation key must be used on a valid Steam account. Requires an internet connection.

About the game

Build up your headquarter from the foundation to a complex emergency center!
The safety of the citizens in your city is in your hands – are you up to the challenge?

In Rescue HQ you build, organize, and manage a station for the three emergency departments police, fire brigade, and ambulance. With a limited initial budget, you further develop the HQ, expand your crew with new employees and provide them with all the equipment and vehicles they need. From time to time, large events will take place that demands your full attention. During all that you constantly take difficult decisions – do you invest in a new vehicle or in recreation rooms? Do you let your staff deal with the paperwork to earn money or send them to the next mission? Do you have enough employees for the night shift or will they have to work double shifts, thus risking their exhaustion? In Rescue HQ, resources and time are constantly scarce, demanding good planning and well-considered compromises from you.

However, when you have arranged all pending duties and your station is running, you can take a moment to watch your staff scurry around, interrogating prisoners,
treating injured persons – and enjoying a snack or a nap every once in a while.

Can you keep cool and stay on top of the situation, even in times of many concurrent emergencies? Prove your skills, your city counts on you!

In addition, Rescue HQ can be extensively modded. Create or download your own assets, maps, and missions via the Steam Workshop and connect with the community!

Key features

Three emergency departments under one roof
- Each with its own challenges and different points of focus in various scenarios
Two settings, based on New York and Berlin, with corresponding EU and US vehicles
Unforeseen and varied missions – as well as large events
Huge “scurrying factor”
Extensive modding capabilities of all assets, maps, and missions
Day/night cycle with shifts management and changing emergency types
Personnel management from hiring new employees to training the crew to assign them to missions
Specific vehicles, rooms, employees, and equipment for the 3 departments
Police department: bring prisoners into their cell and, subsequently, into the interrogation room, and train your police officers at the shooting range
Medical department – Equipt the ambulance station with medical supplies to treat injured persons and get paid by the insurance
Firefighting department – complete complex missions that demand a variety of emergency vehicles and equipment from respirators to water tanks
Additional rooms like sleeping rooms, kitchen, recreation areas, training rooms, garages, etc.
Purchase additional land to expand your headquarter
Earn rewards from successfully completed emergencies – either directly in form of money and reputation, or after subsequent tasks as with patients and prisoners
Continuous scenarios and endless mode that present ever new challenges to you by providing waves of unforeseen emergencies as well as large events, which you can read off a timeline and prepare for accordingly

System requirements

Windows - Minimum

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64bit)
Processor: Dual Core CPU with 3.2 GHz (Quad Core CPU with 3.4 GHz recommended)
Memory: 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
Graphics card: 2 GB VRAM, DirectX11, Shader Model 5.1 (4 GB VRAM recommended)
Free disk space: 5 GB
Internet connection and Steam user account required

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