SimCity DLC French City Set
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SimCity DLC French City Set

Add a touch of joie de vivre to your city with charming French buildings, police and the elegant Eiffel Tower landmark.

Notice : Origin account required for game activation and installation To use this, you must have the game: SimCity™ Create a German, British or French inspired community in your city! Place world r... Read More
SimCity DLC French City Set
Activates in United States
Age Limit
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How to activate EA games - Origin Activation Guide

What is Origin? 

The Origin Client is a launcher that allows you to access all of your Origin-enabled titles. You will need an Origin account & PC client in order to activate and download EA titles.

How do I know if my game requires Origin?

You can find the Origin logo next to the title in the game description. You can also check it in the game description's notice.

Download Origin PC client from here.

If you do not have an Origin account, you can create one here.

In 2019, we started to support EA's instant product activation system.

This means that customers purchasing EA games will be required to redeem their purchase directly on their Origin account, there will be no activation key needed to activate the EA games.

Purchase & Activate EA Games @ Voidu

  1. Choose the game you want to purchase
  2. Add the product to the cart & proceed to pay
  3. After completing the payment process, at the order confirmation page, click on "Link your account to your Origin account"
  4. Log in your Origin account in the pop-up window
  5. Click on "Activate on EA (Account: xxxxxxxx)" if you want to directly activate the game on your account (click "Change your Origin account" if you want to activate the game on another account)
  6. Open the Origin PC Client & Click on "My Game Library" to see your game

Video guides for Origin client installation and game activation

  1. How to install Origin
  2. How to create an Origin account
  3. How to activate a game on Origin