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Reach the stratosphere of stardom with the Deluxe Item Pack!

Neptunia Virtual Stars - Deluxe Item Pack

NOTICE: This content requires the base game Neptunia Virtual Stars on Steam in order to play.

Reach the stratosphere of stardom with the Deluxe Item Pack!

Includes the following usable items:

• Vtuber Guest Connect Passes x 50 (per Vtuber)
• Giga Energy x 50
• Tera Energy x 30
• Digi-Heart X x 50
• Digi-Heart ∞ x 30
• Life Photon 1800 x 50
• Life Photon NEXT x 30
• Memory Charge Ω x 50
• Memory Expand Ω x 30
• B/U Memoria ・HIGH x 30
• MRCL1 x 20
• MRCL2 x 20
• MRCL3 x 20
• MRCL4 x 20
• MRCL5 x 20
• MRCL6 x 20
• MRCL7 x 20
• Pona Coins x 500
• Video Stones x 50
• Live Crystals x 100

*Accessed by using "Get Extra Items" in the "Information" facility.

©2020 IDEA FACTORY / COMPILE HEART All rights reserved. Neptunia is a trademark of IDEA FACTORY. Licensed to and published by Idea Factory International, Inc.

Minimum Requirements:

Recommended Requirements:

To activate the Steam key you've received, follow the instructions below;

  1. First up, open the Steam client. (If you don't have it, simply click the "Install Steam" button here => Steam Store )
  2. Sign in to your Steam account. (If you don't have one, click here to create a new one => Steam Account)
  3. Click on the "ADD A GAME" button in the bottom corner of the client.
  4. Then, select "Activate a product on Steam..."
  5. Write down or copy-paste the activation key that you've received from %s in the window.
  6. Your game is now visible in your library! Click on your "Library".
  7. And finally, click on the game and select "Install" to start your download.

Neptunia Virtual Stars - Deluxe Item Pack

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