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MAGIX Music Maker Plus Edition 2018

Make music even easier with the new Music Maker Plus Edition. Combine premade sounds and loops to create new songs.
$ 72,59

MAGIX Photo Premium

MAGIX Photo Premium combines awardwinning MAGIX programs for image editing, graphic design and cinemaquality slideshows in a single exclusive bundle. Projects created in Xara Photo Graphic Designer, for example, can be opened and edited at any time right in MAGIX Photostory Deluxe.
$ 120,99

Sound Forge Audio Studio 12

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 – define the edge. The legendary high definition audio editor is one of the leading worldwide solutions on the audio editing market.
$ 72,59

VEGAS Pro Suite 15

VEGAS Pro Suite provides modern editing tools and effects in a logical interface to help you realize your highest creativity.
$ 966,79

VEGAS Pro 18

VEGAS Pro 18 uses artificial intelligence, HDR, and GPU performance to speed up editing. Enhancements to already powerful features supercharge creativity.
$ 724,79

VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite

Use VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite with advanced features and stunning video effects from FXhome to edit like the pros.
$ 145,19

ACID Pro 7

ACID Pro combines looping functionality with powerful DAW features for a seamless studio production environment, accompanying you from the initial idea to the master.
$ 180,29

MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe

MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe offers everything you need for your digital photo and video collection. Easily optimize, manage, back up and archive all your recordings.
$ 60,49

MAGIX Video Easy

With the software's clearly laid out interface and helpful wizards, it's simple to turn your recordings into fantastic videos you don't even need any previous experience!
$ 60,49

MAGIX Music Maker Premium Edition

More music, more creative possibilities. Music Maker Premium Edition delivers high-quality effect packs for bringing your sound to the next level!
$ 156,09

XARA Designer Pro X

Xara Designer Pro X offers professional tools for desktop publishing, web design, image editing and graphic design - all in one application.
$ 361,79

MAGIX Fastcut

With MAGIX Fastcut, video editing can now be done fully automatically. Simply select a template and your recordings will be edited into an exciting film with the perfect music, special effects and transitions to match.
$ 84,69

MAGIX Music Maker Premium Edition 2018

Even more sounds. Even more creative possibilities. It’s surprisingly easy to produce your own professional-sounding music in Music Maker Premium Edition - even if you’re not a pro.
$ 157,29

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab features precision tools and a wide range of effects for restoring the audio tracks in your videos.
$ 60,49

MAGIX Audio & Music Lab Premium

MAGIX Audio & Music Lab Premium sets new standards in sound optimization. This audio multi­tool offers everything you need for professional sound in music, videos and Internet radio.
$ 120,99

SpectraLayers Pro 4

SpectraLayers Pro 4 is a unique layer-based spectral editor for professional audio editing, post-production and sound design.
$ 482,79

VR Studio 2

Enter a new era of media presentation and attract more visitors with interactive VR tours!
$ 301,29

XARA Web Designer 15

A few easy steps is all it takes to build your own website with Xara Web Designer.
$ 60,49

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021 makes video editing fun. With tons of templates and helpful program wizards at your side, creating amazing movies is easy.
$ 84,69

MAGIX Photostory Deluxe 2021

Create animated slideshows from your photos and videos with MAGIX Photostory Deluxe and experience unforgettable moments over and over again.
$ 84,69

MAGIX Music Maker Plus Edition

Discover the intelligent tool for creating a song in 5 easy clicks – the new Song Maker in Music Maker Plus Edition.
$ 71,39

VEGAS Movie Studio 17

Create complete videos with little or no experience, or use advanced tools to rise up to a new movie-making level with VEGAS Movie Studio 17!
$ 48,39

ACID Music Studio

Become a producer and take full control. ACID Music Studio helps you get started in loop-based music production.
$ 72,59

MAGIX Game Control

MAGIX Game Control monitors and accelerates PC performance for a smooth gaming experience. Games can be recorded as HD videos to be shared with others.
$ 36,29