MAGIX Music Maker Plus Edition

Discover the intelligent tool for creating a song in 5 easy clicks – the new Song Maker in Music Maker Plus Edition.
€ 59,00

MAGIX Music Maker Premium Edition 2018

Even more sounds. Even more creative possibilities. It’s surprisingly easy to produce your own professional-sounding music in Music Maker Premium Edition - even if you’re not a pro.
€ 129,99

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab features precision tools and a wide range of effects for restoring the audio tracks in your videos.
€ 49,99

MAGIX Audio & Music Lab Premium

MAGIX Audio & Music Lab Premium sets new standards in sound optimization. This audio multi­tool offers everything you need for professional sound in music, videos and Internet radio.
€ 99,99

MAGIX Fastcut

With MAGIX Fastcut, video editing can now be done fully automatically. Simply select a template and your recordings will be edited into an exciting film with the perfect music, special effects and transitions to match.
€ 69,99

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021 makes video editing fun. With tons of templates and helpful program wizards at your side, creating amazing movies is easy.
€ 69,99

SpectraLayers Pro 4

SpectraLayers Pro 4 is a unique layer-based spectral editor for professional audio editing, post-production and sound design.
€ 399,00

VEGAS Movie Studio 17

Create complete videos with little or no experience, or use advanced tools to rise up to a new movie-making level with VEGAS Movie Studio 17!
€ 39,99

VR Studio 2

Enter a new era of media presentation and attract more visitors with interactive VR tours!
€ 249,00

ACID Pro 7

ACID Pro combines looping functionality with powerful DAW features for a seamless studio production environment, accompanying you from the initial idea to the master.
€ 149,00

MAGIX Music Maker Plus Edition 2018

Make music even easier with the new Music Maker Plus Edition. Combine premade sounds and loops to create new songs.
€ 59,99

Sound Forge Audio Studio 12

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 – define the edge. The legendary high definition audio editor is one of the leading worldwide solutions on the audio editing market.
€ 59,99

VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite

Use VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite with advanced features and stunning video effects from FXhome to edit like the pros.
€ 119,99

VEGAS Pro 18

VEGAS Pro 18 uses artificial intelligence, HDR, and GPU performance to speed up editing. Enhancements to already powerful features supercharge creativity.
€ 599,00

VEGAS Pro Suite 15

VEGAS Pro Suite provides modern editing tools and effects in a logical interface to help you realize your highest creativity.
€ 799,00

Video Pro X

MAGIX Video Pro X is one-of-a-kind editing software for intuitive and powerful video production.
€ 399,00

MAGIX Music Maker Premium Edition

More music, more creative possibilities. Music Maker Premium Edition delivers high-quality effect packs for bringing your sound to the next level!
€ 129,00

MAGIX Video Easy

With the software's clearly laid out interface and helpful wizards, it's simple to turn your recordings into fantastic videos you don't even need any previous experience!
€ 49,99

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021 Plus

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021 Plus combines powerful video editing with intuitive controls. Even beginners can bring their own exciting video projects to life with ease.
€ 99,99

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2018

Bring professional video productions to life with Movie Edit Pro Premium and make the most of all advantages of the Premium version as well as effect packages from a leading plug-in developer.
€ 129,99

MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2018

Clean. Up to date. Faster. MAGIX PC Check & Tuning is the easiest way to optimize your PC.
€ 49,99

MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio

Samplitude Music Studio has been specially designed for music producers, keyboard players, guitarists and singers and has an impressive collection of 19 virtual instruments.
€ 99,99

MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio

Freedom to create – that's all a musician needs. Samplitude Music Studio provides the right conditions for your creative process along with high-quality audio material and essential tools.
€ 99,00

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab

Restore and perfect your audio recordings in no time using MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab. 
€ 49,99