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BC Kings

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BC Kings WindowsSteam

BC Kings features several new elements not commonly found in strategy games.
Categorie: Strategie | Leeftijdslimiet: 12+ | Uitgever: Strategy First | Datum van publicatie: 15-7-2008
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About the game

BC Kings features several new elements not commonly found in strategy games.
In addition to gathering resources, training an army and defeating the enemy,
you will have to solve adventure and role-playing elements as well.

The campaign is built around the epic story of the brave hero Mradin, and his trusty old friend Giesnik.
As you complete the main objectives, you'll run across several side-quests where you can earn Shell-coins
that can be spent on upgrading your main characters. Along the way to victory
you'll figure out the biggest mysteries of all time, like the purpose of Stonehenge and the mystery of the Yeti, and much more...

Key features

Story driven campaign with side quests and adventure elements
63 unique units
32 unique buildings
84 technologies to research
8 devastating magic spells

system requirements

Windows - Minimum

OS: Windows XP or Vista
Processor: 1GHz processor or better
Memory: 512MB memory
Graphics: 3D accelerated graphics hardware
DirectX®: DirectX 9
Hard Drive: 300MB of free space
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card

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