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Disney Princess and Fairy Pack

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Disney Princess and Fairy Pack WindowsSteam

Disney Princess and Fairy Pack.
Categorie: Avontuur | Leeftijdslimiet: 7+ | Uitgever: Disney Interactive | Datum van publicatie: 7-10-2014
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Items included in this package :

Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell's Adventure
Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey
Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure
Disney The Princess and the Frog
Disney's Tangled


Play as Tinker Bell, Iridessa, Silvermist, Fawn and Rosetta as you take on this exciting adventure. Each come with their fairy talent such as Tinkering, Light, Water, Animal and Garden . On this special journey, players will encounter and interact with other fairies, sparrow men and magical creatures that all reside in Never Land, whilst collecting hidden treasures and sparkling objects to save throughout the game.

Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell’s Adventure takes place in story mode and once completed, players are able to go back and experience seven unlocked mini-games each with their own task and puzzles. They can also collect up to 18 stunning fairy cards - the more fans play, the more cards they can accumulate and enjoy.


Play as Tinker Bell, Iridessa, Rosetta and more in this amazing adventure. Each fairy has its own characteristics of the fairies of water, light, animals and more.

In this special trip you will meet and interact with other fairies, magical creatures with the inhabitants of Neverland, collecting hidden treasures and collecting precious objects.

TinkerBell's Adventure will allow you to play in story mode and once completed, players can play again and try the 7 mini-games unlocked each with its own puzzles to solve.

You can also collect up to 18 beautiful fairies cards: the more you play the more cards you can earn and appreciate.

In the artistic Studio mode you can choose the favorite characters in the story mode settings, print them out and color them.


Restore order to the enchanted Princess world and become a princess! Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey offers young girls the chance to meet and interact with the beloved Disney Princesses while encouraging creativity, exploration and positive messages.

Players will customize their own unique heroine character and take part in a fun-filled adventure through four unique levels to help the Princesses restore order in their enchanted kingdoms and overcome evil. Each Disney Princess has a different story and magical world for girls to explore as they discover what it means to be a true princess — courage, friendship, trust, and discovery.

Designed to match the way young girls play games, Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey provides the youngest with beautiful levels to explore, and offers adventure elements for older children.


Befriend and interact with your favorite Princesses – Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, and Jasmine.

Play as your own customizable heroine princess character, selecting her name, dresses, accessories, hair, skin tone and eye color.

Utilize unique, themed magic as you explore and adventure through four enchanted Princess worlds.

Earn rewards for exploration and achieving goals to keep motivation high.

Experience a variety of minigames that complement the adventure gameplay.

Enter Belle’s world and meet Belle and Lumiere as unlockable bonuses.


Enter the enchanting worlds of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle and Tiana, and use their magic wand to help undo a spell that's been cast over the kingdom in Disney Princess My Farytale Adventure. Customize your avatar, outfits, accessories, castle and more as you go on and exciting journey filled with quests, dancing, gardening, decorating, familiar characters and more!


Interact with beloved Disney Princesses - Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle and Tiana in their worlds.

Explore iconic locations such as Beast's castle, Rapunzel's tower and Cinderella's ball.

Complete quests and play mini-games.

Earn gems throughout the game to exchange for special items.

Players can customize their avatar and room in the Magical Kingdom in hundreds of different ways.


For the first time players can experience Tiana’s exciting world set in the jazz-infused era of 1920’s New Orleans with the official video game inspired by the Walt Disney Pictures release of The Princess and the Frog. Celebrate favorite moments from the movie and take on new challenges with Tiana, as she pursues her dreams in a fun adventure. Meet favorite characters from the film and new friends, triumph over enemies, play frog games in the bayou, create music, cook New Orleans style and so much more. Along the way, discover what it takes to make Tiana’s dreams come true!


Disney Tangled: The Video Game is a story-based adventure where players team up with Rapunzel to explore a vast kingdom filled with colorful environments as well as engaging quests and challenges.


Explore Rapunzel's world to find collectibles.

Solve puzzles and challenges.

Meet friends, such as Flynn and Pascal, and go on fun quests.

Use Rapunzel's magical hair to rejuvenate objects and befriend animals.

Play fun mini-games and gain skill to master them.


Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8400 256 MB
OS: Windows XP / Windows 7
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3GHz / AMD Athlon 64 3500+
Memory: 2 GB
Sound: 16-bit DirectX 9.0c-Compatible