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FlatOut Ultimate Carnage

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FlatOut Ultimate Carnage WindowsSteam

Hi Octane Motorised Anarchy – Maximum Fun, Maximum chaos, and all in eyeball searing High Definition...
Categorie: Racen | Leeftijdslimiet: 12+ | Uitgever: Strategy First | Datum van publicatie: 11-7-2008
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Hi Octane motorised anarchy - Maximum fun, maximum chaos, and all in eyeball searing high definition, FlatOut - Ultimate Carnage is PC's most extreme destruction racer!With three distinct carnage-filled game styles, an integrated championship racing career mode and intense in-your-face destructive action, FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is the gaming world's most smash-tastic driving game to date!


Huge number of race styles to suit every mood. Career racing: Compete in progressively tougher championships, wrecking your way through 3 classes to become the ultimate FlatOut champion. Arcade racing: Deathmatch Destruction Derbies, Carnage Races, Beat the Bomb and crash filled challenges. Crazy Ragdoll characters catapulted in-race and in 12 suicidal mini games. Single player with 12 drivers in a choice of 48 cars on 39 tracks. 6 different environments. 8000 objects to destroy per track. Up to 8 player simultaneous Live play including Races, Derbies and Stunts, plus the all-new Deathmatch Derbies and the excusive Head-On race mode. Fully supports Games For Windows Live. Deathmatch Demolition Derby online racing.


Win XP et Vista Proc : Athlon / Pentium IV - 2200 MHz RAM : 2 Gb Graphics: 3D 128 Mb, DirectX 9.0c compatible Sound card : Compatible DirectX 9 DirectX 9