The Evil Within

Developed by Shinji Mikami -- creator of the seminal Resident Evil series -- and the talented team at Tango Gameworks, The Evil Within embodies the meaning of pure survival horror.
€ 19,99


XCOM 2 ist der Nachfolger des preisgekrönten Strategiespiels XCOM: Enemy Unknown. 20 Jahre sind vergangen, seit die Menschheit den Krieg gegen die Aliens verloren hat und eine neue Weltordnung besteht. Nach Jahren im Verborgenen müssen sich die XCOM-Kräfte erheben und die Aliens ausschalten.
€ 49,99
€ 12,50
-75 %

We Happy Few

From the independent studio that brought you Contrast, We Happy Few is an action/adventure game set in a drug-fuelled, retrofuturistic city in an alternative 1960s England. Hide, fight and conform your way out of this delusional, Joy-obsessed world.
€ 59,99


Jill Valentine ist eine der letzten Überlebenden in Racoon City, der Stadt, in der Umbrella Experimente durchführt. Um Jill aufzuhalten, schickt Umbrella ihre Geheimwaffe los: Nemesis!
€ 59,99
€ 19,80
-67 %

XCOM 2 - Alien Hunters

Verwandle die XCOM-Soldaten in einen Elite-Alienjäger-Trupp und stell dich den neuen Alienherrschern. Ab sofort verfügbar.
€ 9,99

The Evil Within - The Assignment

Experience survival horror from a new perspective with The Evil Within: The Assignment.
€ 4,99


The year is 1916. Young American joins UK Army to experience an adventure of his life and soon realizes that greater evil is hiding beneath the Great War storm. He has to face the underground world of vampires, demons, evil genius creatures.
€ 4,99

Do Not Feed the Monkeys - ROW

You are invited to join “The Primate Observation Club”, where you will observe the lives of caged monkeys and carefully analyze the information obtained.
€ 11,99


Welcome to a grim dystopian future. A totalitarian State controls every aspect of private and public life. Laws are oppressive. Surveillance is total. Privacy is dead.
€ 9,99

Real Horror Stories Ultimate Edition

Urban myths are stories that may or may not have been believed to be true.
€ 1,99

We Happy Few - Deluxe Edition

Die Digital Deluxe Edition enthält We Happy Few, den Season Pass für We Happy Few, sowie das „We Happy Few - Soundtrack and Digital Goods Bundle.
€ 75,98

We Happy Few - Season Pass

The Season Pass contains three pieces of future content for We Happy Few. Each add-on will be a new adventure that follows the antics of one of Wellington Wells’ most notorious residents. Buy the Season Pass and get all three add-ons at a discounted rate.
€ 24,99


Resident Evil 2, erstmals veröffentlicht im Jahre 1998 und eines der kultigsten Spiele aller Zeiten, kehrt in komplett neuer Kleidung auf die Bildschirme zurück.
€ 39,99
€ 16,00
-60 %

The Town of Light

Play through the eyes of Renée, a 16-year-old girl who suffers from the symptoms of mental illness.
€ 18,99
€ 2,85
-85 %

Dead Rising 2 : Off The Record

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, sees photojournalist and original hero of Dead Rising’s Willamette incident, Frank West take centre stage as players experience a reimagining of the Fortune City outbreak. Forget what you know about Dead Rising 2, "Frank West is back in the game!"
€ 19,99
€ 6,00
-70 %

Dead Rising 3 - Apocalypse Edition

Anything and everything is a weapon in Dead Rising 3. Explore the zombie-infested city of Los Perdidos, and find a way to escape before a military strike wipes the entire city, and everyone in it, off the map.
€ 29,99
€ 9,00
-70 %


Dead Rising 4 marks the return of photojournalist Frank West in an all-new chapter of one of the most popular zombie game franchises of all time.
€ 29,99
€ 7,50
-75 %

DEADRISING 4 - Season Pass

The Dead Rising 4 Season Pass is the gift that keeps on killing. The Season Pass grants you new ways to play in Willamette, story content and the exclusive bonus Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack.
€ 9,99
€ 2,50
-75 %

Dead Rising 2

The sequel to the million-plus selling Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 takes the zombie survival horror to Fortune City, America’s latest and greatest entertainment playground.
€ 18,99
€ 5,70
-70 %

Resident Evil : Revelations 2 - Deluxe Edition

Steel yourself to come face-to-face with pure evil in a twisting and turning tale of intense survival horror.
€ 29,99
€ 15,00
-50 %


Erlebe individuelle Kampagnen für Spieler 1 und Spieler 2 aus der neuen „3rd Person“-Kameraansicht, während du die von Zombies verseuchten Gebiete in Raccoon City erkundest. Das Spiel wurde mit Capcoms interner RE Engine in voller Pracht wiederaufgebaut. Neue Puzzles, neue Geschichten und Gebiete bedeuten für neue und erfahrene Fans Vorfreude auf schaurige Überraschungen!
€ 49,99
€ 20,00
-60 %

Resident Evil 4 - Ultimate HD Edition

In Resident Evil 4, special agent Leon S. Kennedy is sent on a mission to rescue the U.S. President’s daughter who has been kidnapped. Finding his way to a rural village in Europe, he faces new threats that are a departure from the traditional lumbering zombie enemies of the earlier installments in the series.
€ 19,99
€ 5,00
-75 %

Resident Evil 5

From the ashes of old conflicts, a new terror arises. The Umbrella Corporation and its crop of lethal viruses have been destroyed and contained. But a new, more dangerous threat has emerged. Years after surviving the events in Raccoon City, Chris Redfield has been fighting the scourge of bio-organic weapons all over the world.
€ 19,99
€ 5,00
-75 %

Resident Evil 5 - Gold Edition

The biohazard threat has not ended: Just when it seemed that the menace of Resident Evil had been destroyed, along comes a new terror to send shivers down player’s spines. Chris Redfield, returning Resident Evil hero, has followed the path of the evil literally around the globe.
€ 27,99
€ 7,00
-75 %