STAR WARS - Knights of the Old Republic [Mac]

It is four thousand years before the Galactic Empire and hundreds of Jedi Knights have fallen in battle against the ruthless Sith. You are the last hope of the Jedi Order. Can you master the awesome power of the Force on your quest to save the Republic? Or will you fall to the lure of the dark side? Hero or villain, savior or conqueror... you alone will determine the destiny of the entire galaxy!
$ 9,91

Disciples III: Gold Edition - ROW

Disciples III: Gold is the ultimate game experience for all turn-based strategy game enthusiasts; it includes the original Disciples III: Renaissance as well as the zombie monster-infested stand-alone expansion Disciples III: Resurrection.
$ 24,19

Borderlands 2: Mechromancer Pack [Mac]

This download grants the Mechromancer, a 5th playable character class who can summon a destructive robot named Deathtrap. In addition to this new class, this pack also includes bonus items which were included in the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club Pack, including the Gearbox Gold Gun Pack, a Golden Key, which unlocks rare items in the mysterious Sanctuary Loot Chest, and the Vault Hunter’s Relic, which boosts your gear-hunting fortunes.
$ 12,09

Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunters Upgrade Pack [Mac]

Take Borderlands 2 to the next level. The Ultimate Vault Hunter’s Upgrade lets you get the most out of the Borderlands 2 experience. This pack includes level increases up to level 61. Play through the game again with access to new weapons, gear and more. The Ultimate Pack is part of the Borderlands 2 Season Pass, now offering even more value for the price!
$ 6,04


DARK is a unique stealth-action game with RPG elements in which you take on the role of the ultimate hunter: a vampire.
$ 12,09

Borderlands 2: Creature Slaughterdome [Mac]

Enter the Creature Slaughter Dome and face off against the toughest monsters in all of Pandora. Your efforts will not be in vain. Gain experience and gear to bring back into the main game. Endure the battle, and you will receive numerous rewards, including Moxxi’s Rocket Launcher.
$ 4,83

Overlord : Fellowship of Evil

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is a dark and twisted Action RPG filled with the series’ signature black humour. In a story penned by award-winning original Overlord scriptwriter Rhianna Pratchett, players embark on an epic new quest in single-player or with up to three friends co-operatively as four Netherghūls – undead servants of the dark arts, resurrected to bring evil back to a world overrun by the forces of good. Assisting gamers once again are the mighty, maniacal and occasionally moronic minions, ready to unleash their charmingly chaotic brand of destruction and led by Gnarl, their wise old master. It’s good to be bad, but it’s GREAT to be evil.
$ 12,09

Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Steam)

Star Trek: Bridge Crew puts you and your friends in the heart of a starship, where- as officers of the Federation- every action and decision you make together will determine the fate of your ship and crew. Developed specifically for VR, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is the only game to offer a true-to-life level of immersion in the Star Trek universe.
$ 48,39

Two Worlds II: Castle Defense

Während vor den Toren von Oswaroth die blutige Schlacht zwischen Gandohars Truppen und den Armeen der Orks tobt...
$ 6,04

Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2 is a narrative-driven dramatic thriller about fighting a deadly outbreak in a secluded rural town. The town is dying. Face the realities of a collapsing society as you make difficult choices in seemingly lose-lose situations. The plague isn’t just a disease. You can’t save everyone.
$ 36,29

Next Up Hero [Mac]

Next Up Hero is a Gauntlet-style dungeon crawler starring hand-drawn heroes that hack, slash, shoot, drum, boomerang, jet, and explode their way through Ventures. Choose your Hero (and/or invite a friend to co-op) and start rolling dungeons, gearing out, and maxing your stats against the vile monsters known as the Ceaseless Dirge.
$ 24,19

Two Worlds II - Call of the Tenebrae

At long last, it’s time to revisit the sprawling lands of Antaloor for another thrilling chapter in the Two Worlds saga!
$ 6,04


Lord Draak’s henchmen are spreading chaos in Uma. Are you going to let them get away with it?
$ 3,62
$ 0,36
-90 %

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Während eines riskanten Gefängnisausbruchs haben Uldren und seine acht „Barone“ den legendären Jäger Cayde-6 ermordet und Chaos über das Riff gebracht.
$ 30,24

Lords of the Fallen - Digital Deluxe Edition

In the Time of the Ancients, the Worldly Realm was ruled by a God of pure evil, who enslaved all humankind under his Dominion.
$ 24,19
$ 3,63
-85 %

Fire Emblem Three Houses - Expansion Pass EU Nintendo Switch

Buy Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass if you want an even broader and deeper immersion. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is an exceptional turn-based strategy game where you’ll have the ability to explore the mightiest school’s borders as well as teach, cater, and lead the finest troop of warriors from one of the three available mighty households.
$ 30,24

Super Kirby Clash 2300 Gem Apples EU Nintendo Switch

To defeat bosses this wicked, it’ll take a whole team of Kirbys! In this free-to-start multiplayer* action game, you can choose from four unique Roles and join up to three other players to take down tough bosses.
$ 26,61

Maneater Epic Games

Experience the ultimate power fantasy as the apex predator of the seas -- a giant Shark! Terrorize the coastal waterways. Tear swimmers and divers limb from limb, and give the humans a reason to fear you!
$ 44,76

Hammerting - Early Access

Hammerting is a vertical dwarven mining colony sim with RPG elements.
$ 30,24

Sword Legacy Omen - ROW

The lord of Mercia has been assassinated, your love kidnapped and home is no more. As Uther, the disgraced Knight Commander, you must lead your misfit band of companions throughout quests riddled with trials.
$ 21,77

Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Gold Edition

Enhance your Assassin's Creed Odyssey experience with the GOLD EDITION including the game and the Season Pass.
$ 120,99

Aegis Defenders

In a world where control over ancient technologies means power, a ruthless Empire has arisen. You play as a team of Ruinhunters searching for the one thing that can save their village - a legendary weapon known as Aegis.
$ 24,19
$ 6,05
-75 %

Popup Dungeon

Popup Dungeon is a tactical roguelike RPG inspired by our favorite tabletop games. Make your own abilities, items, heroes, villains, and games easier than ever before. Create and share anything you can imagine.
$ 30,24
$ 21,17
-30 %

Gorky 17

November 2008. Die Geheimdienste verschiedener NATO-Staaten berichten, dass das russische Militär Gorky 17, eine seiner "geheimen Städte", dem Erdboden gleich gemacht hat.
$ 6,04